General information

MAFA meets your needs for material-handling equipment.

We have a complete range of silos from 6-189 m3. All silos are equipped with cone and are self-emptying.

For simple materials, choose the BIB-silo with 60o cone. For difficult materials choose the UNIK-silo with 75o cone inclination. As standard all silos are equipped with cyclone for condense free storage.

Our broad range of mixers handle almost any type of dry materials.

Silos and mixers together with conveyor- and weighing equipment, form powerful material handling systems.

MAFA UNIK – Silo system for outdoor and indoor use

There is nothing more important in animal farming than the structure and quality of the feed. MAFA UNIK is the only feed silo on the market that is specially developed to reduce feed separation and retain feed quality. This is just as important for, so called, environmental feeds as for pellet feedstuffs. The aim is to avoid finer particles increasing towards the end of an emptying cycle.

Why Choose a MAFA-UNIK silo?

MAFA UNIK-silo has the special characteristic that the material is emptied uniformly over its whole surface. Thus material separation is reduced and the quality is retained during emptying.


masstrom The heat rises and disappears from
the silo = no condensation forms
trattstrom The heat rises and stays
in the silo = condensation forms

Silo with mass flow

All the particles flow from the
entire silo area at the same time.

Little separation

Silo with funnel flow

Heavier particles flow out in the middle.
Fine particles stay at the silo walls.

Increased separation