MAFA fibre- and pigment dosing systems for asphalt plants

MAFA dosing systems for asphalt plants are delivered both as stationary- and mobile units.

A flexible fibre- and pigment dosing system especially developed for asphalt plants. Our systems are suited for dosing fibre and pigment or any other additive in pellet or granulated form. Batches up to 4 tons can be handled by our systems, which among others consist of the following parts:

  • Silo made of Aluzink with unique properties. Capacity: 6 – 80 cubic meters.
    Our silos are all provided with an open cyclone, thus securing a quick, safe and almost vapor-free filling. This results in a very gentle handling of the products.
  • Various inspection glasses and high level indicators thus avoiding overfilling.
  • High capacity rigid supply augers with high quality drives from silo to weighing unit.
  • Complete precision weighing unit.
  • High performance pump for transportation of material including anti plug control system.
  • Conveyor pipes from weighing unit to asphalt mixer give flexibility when placing and easy installing.
  • Cyclone and buffer tank with gravity feed to the asphalt mixer resulting in a minimum of air intake and no interfering with the softening point property.
  • Stand by batch in buffer tank gives optimal efficiency and minimum delay in cycle time.

The mobile system is also suitable at stationary plants where access behind the unit is needed for plant maintenance related reasons. The stationary unit can be tailormade to the requirements of each asphalt plant.

Outstanding properties:

  • MAFA Unik silos have natural ventilation = no condensation
  • Emptying of silos according to “first in – first out” – system i.e. always fresh material. We also have systems for continous drum plants.
Asfalt-1 Asfalt-2

Stationery units

Mobile units


Units for continuous drum plants


Units for additives like: Cement, Hydrate chalk, Sosobite, Euprene, Polyolefine