Weighing package for silos

Level indication with MAFA Linradar

MAFA linradar is suitable for bulk or free-flowing materials like pellet fuel, powder, granulate and feed. MAFA Linradar works as the TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)-principle, well known from measuring cable interruptions.
Micro pulses are sent through a wire with the velocity of light. When the pulse reaches the material surface, it is reflected back to the level transmitter. The distance to the material is directly proportional to the pulse time. The TDR technique is independent of the material and the space above. The signal is converted to a 4-20 mA current and a HART-signal for further processing.


Two-wire TDR level transmitter. Probe in stainless steel.
Range:  max. 24 m.
Output:  4…20 mA with HART
Accuracy for powder- and bulk material:  ± 20 mm length < 15 m,  (± 20 mm  ± 0,05% for length > 15 m)
Power supply: 18…35 V DC
Ingress protection (std): IP65 / NEMA 4, FPM
EX approval: ATEX x II 1/2 D T 100°C

For factory assembled silos the Linradar is preinstalled on the silo complete with electric cables, termination box circa 2 m up on the supporting leg.
Linradar is also easy to install on an existing silo.


Microtrek1 SAP-300
Level transmitter with flange Display (located in level transmitter) Installation in silo




Digital indicator DS8A for Linradar

This indicator is systems lacking auto monitoring program.

  • 4-digits in red, height  20 mm
  • 2 relay outputs,  ex. alarm for high and low level
  • Input signal mA, Volt, mV, Pt or TC transmitter
  • Front measure:  96 x 48 mm x 78 mm
  • 24 V supply for transmitter
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Power supply:  230 VAC


MAFA weighing package for silosSilovagning-1

MAFA silo weighing package ensures good control of deliveries and consumption.

The package is complete with load cells, base plates, termination boxes, loading assembly and weight display.

Applications :
Weighing of tanks, cisterns or silos are independent of the material characteristics. Pourability, high pressure, temperature or vacuum does not affect measurement.
The number of load cells depend on the tank/silo construction. For instance only one load cell is sufficient for weighing a tripod liquid tank. One load cell below each leg is recommended for bulk materials like powder, pellet, granulate etc.

Specifications :
Power supply: 10 till 35 VDC, 5 W
Temperature:  – 20 till 70°C for load cells,  – 10 to 40°C for indicator
Output signals: 4 till 20 mA, RS485, 2 relays
Ingress protection: IP65 for indicator, IP68 for load cells

 LCD-Ei Exac_loadcell Silovagning-2
Standard indicator type LCD-EI with distinct digits. Background light, dust- and moisture tight buttons. Tare function. RS 485 serial output. Load cell with pressure plate in alloy steel for tank-/silo weighing. Compact construction. Protection IP68. Sizes from 500 kg to 20 tons/load cell.  Alternative in stainless steel. Load cell fitted on supporting leg.
 LCA-D Exac_koppl_box
Weight indicator type LCA-II for industrial purposes with 2-row alfa numerical display, background light, dust- /moisture tight buttons. Tare function. Serial output RS232/485. Alarm through 2 programmable relay outputs. Analogue output signal 4-20 mA. Termination box for max 6 load cells. For 7-12 load cells two termination boxes are used. The load cells are terminated in parallel with a screened 4-lead cable.