Bagging machine for industry

sackvag_337SAMAFA Bagging machine for internal control

MAFA Bagging machine with AlphaC and PLC sequence control makes bagging quick and easy. The weighing bin hangs in 3 load cells and contains roughly 30 kg. The bagging machine is recommended to be fed by a variable-frequency controlled auger or a conveyor belt.
The rotation speed decreases at the end of the weighing cycle and enters a fine dosing state to achieve maximum accuracy.
When the preset weight is achieved, the pneumatic valve is opened and the material falls into the discharge bin. The bag is filled up as soon as it is attached to the discharge bin. The bag is released by pressing the foot pedal and with another press the next bag is attached.
Weighing up a new batch starts directly after the preceding batch drops into the discharge bin and thus a high capacity is achieved.

MAFA bagging machine is delivered with weight indicator, PLC for sequence control and variable-frequency drive, VFD, (max 0,37 kW) for the operation of an external feeding auger or conveyor belt. A bag sealing machine is optional.

External frame measure:  l=600 mm, w= 600 mm.
Total height:  2300 mm.
Bag size:  0-30 kg, max. dia 215 mm.