Basic-BOutdoor silo type B in Aluzink: The Basic-B silo is intended for free-flowing feed

The Basic silo is equipped with a 60 degree cone as standard. This type of cone will lower the silo, which may be advantageous when you want a more discrete silo at close to the stable.

The Basic silo is equipped with a cyclone, which gives careful filling of the pelleted materials, and also provides good ventilation as well. This is a prerequisite for avoiding condensation in the silo.

Type Sections Volume m3 Height m Dia. m Weight kg
B-11 1 10,9 5,13 2,52 500
B-17 2 16,8 6,33 2,52 600
B-23 3 22,6 7,53 2,52 700
B-28 4 28,4 8,73 2,52 820