Mixers for farming

MAFA MIXERS handle feed components with care whilst providing you quickly with a perfect feed mix.


The handling limits of the MAFA diagonal mixer mixer with regards the degree of moisture and low-percentage additives has been increased considerably compared with conventional mixers.

The mixer is made from heavy-duty 1.5 mm Aluzinc sheet. Power comes from a slow-speed 4 kW worm-gear motor.

The large screw in the compact mixer affords superb mixing characteristics.

The slow, vibration-free operation makes the mixer very suitable for mounting on weighing cells. Together with an accurate electronic weighing system, where the raw material intake is controlled by the loading on the weighing cells, an optimum feed mix can be obtained. Used this way, the mixer both mixes and controls material weights.

Raw materials for screw mixers are usually put into the machine from the top where the mill, filter bag or self-cleaning pneumatic filter can be located. Concentrates and other additives that are stored in sacks can easily be added through the concentrate hatch, on the side of the mixer.

d2_b d2_d d2_c
View with additive inlet D2 side view


Technical data D2:
Length (without motor): 2.950 mm
Width: 1.078 mm
Height at screw inclination 30°: 2.407 mm
Total volume of container: approx. 2530 litres
Recommended batch size: 800- 1000 kg
Height to outlet: 1,300 mm
Power consumption: 4 kW
Mixer screw dia.: 250 mm
Mixer screw speed: 50 rpm