Storage for wood pellet supplied in small bags

MAFA MICRO/MINI/MIDI – containers for pellet fuel

MAFA Micro/Mini/Midi is a bin in sturdy design for storing pelleted fuel.
Micro/Mini/Midi is suitable for those who handle pelleted fuel loose or in sacks. The bin can also be used as an intermediate container together with larger silos.
Micro/Mini/Midi is manufactured in anti-corrosion, galvanized steel sheets and has a 45 gr. cone.
Micro/Mini/Midi is delivered in kit form and consists of folded sheets, legs, a protection grid and a 100 mm rotary outlet tube.


micro Mini-fri Midi-fri


Technical data:
Container: Micro Mini Midi
Art. nr 2825 2810 2815
Height, mm 1250 1230 1422
Length incl legs, mm 430 650 1000
Width incl legs, mm 430 650 1000
Volume, l. 127 300 730


Optional parts
2811, Mini 200 l extension section  (height 550 mm)
2635, Midi 520 l extension section  (height 600 mm)
Top cover for (Micro/Mini/Midi)
Top cover with inlet for (Mini/Midi)