Large buildings & industries

Pellet fuel silo for large buildings, industries and municipal councils

MAFA knows how to handle pellet fuel
For nearly 50 years MAFA i Ängelholm has constructed and manufactured equipment for storing and handling bulk material. When pellet fuel for heating became interesting 12 years ago we were way ahead of our competitors. Pellet fuel is compact and easy to store, easy to transport, has low water content and high heat value.

Reliability of service
A pellet fuel plant must be planned for working for many years with as little need for service of operation as possible. We offer high competence and service for many years. We have developed highly functional systems for integration in actual environment.

Fulfills law and regulations
MAFA silos and equipment fulfills all common EU directives.

An investment for the future
Installing a MAFA pellet fuel plant is an investment for the future. Pellet is a domestic renewable raw material which is positive for the environment.

Market leader
Today MAFA is market leader in Sweden and more than 50 % of our manufacture is exported. We have up to now delivered more than 50.000 silos and bins for pellet fuel. With MAFA you get skill, good service and the wellknown Swedish quality. We know pellet fuel handling like nobody else.


Heating with pellet fuel – a renewable raw material.Textruta-sid-5

1 m3 oil equals a discharge of 2,77 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide).
Bio fuel discharges 0 kg CO2.
2,1 tons of  pellet equals 1 m3 oil.
The energy content of pellet fuel is 4,8 kWh/kg.