MAFA UNIK Auger box

Available in 6 different models. Which model you choose depends on the type of material to be handled in the silo, the type of auger solution that is best for the situation and desire for emptying capacity from the silo.


MAFA Flex Auger

Transport auger with flexible spiral in spring steel without center tube, in outer tube of durable plastic. Easy to adapt to different needs with straight outer tubes and 45 ° bends.

The flex auger is gentle on the material, gives a low noise level and is available in several different models for feed, grain, flour, fuel pellets, granules etc. Transport length up to 60 meters, maximum capacity up to 5400 kg / h.

MAFA Pipe Auger

Designed with an extra strong spiral and center pipe to withstand many operating hours.

The range includes a wide assortment of accessories. With high quality and solid experience, we cover most wishes regarding the transport of dry materials with augers.

MAFA Pipe Auger 152 mm HD

Extra reinforced in all parts to withstand a continuous operation with high capacity for especially for wood pellets. Transport length up to 9 meters. Maximum capacity 18000 kg / h. 

Trough Auger

Dimensions 152 mm or 205 mm, with a wide capacity range to meet all needs. Extensions with lubricable bronze bearing and lid, available in lengths 0.5 – 1.0 – 1.5 and 2.0 meters. The maximum transport length is 20 meters with one motor and 40 meters with motor at both ends. The drive part is usually placed at the outlet and delivered with a worm gear motor. 

Elevators & Conveyors

MAFA provides customized complete systems of bottom conveyors, elevators and top conveyors from our suppliers Skandia Elevator, Søby & JEMA

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WAM Auger transport system

Tubular auger transport system for larger plants. For transport of solid materials. Pushing or pulling operation, with pin gear motor. Modular design with a wide range of options with many applications. Auger tubes in powder-coated steel or stainless steel in dimensions according to capacity requirements. 



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Pneumatic high pressure transport system

Pneumatic conveying system is particularly suitable for transporting granulated or ground products over long distances. High-pressure transport in steel pipes is carried out under high pressure and low air volume. The system is equipped with a pressure regulator, manometer and non-return valve.

The high-pressure conveyor rotary feeder is mounted directly under the silo outlet or fed with a auger or other transport equipment. Capacity up to 3500 kg / h. Transport length up to 200 m.



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Vacuum conveyors for powder & bulk

Vacuum is used to great advantage when transporting dry powder products through suitable pipe systems. Piab’s vacuum transport systems are made of high-quality materials. For manufacturing food, pharmaceuticals or chemical products where there are requirements for the best possible safety in terms of hygiene and use.

The conveyors have been developed in response to these high demands. The vacuum conveyors are ATEX Powder-certified. All conveyors are available with either an ejector-driven vacuum pump or with a mechanical vacuum pump.

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