MAFA Structural Cruscher

AgriCracker AC100 and AC200
Efficient and quiet structural crusher for all types of grain. Sturdy construction with most of the components in stainless steel. The cone-shaped rollers provide a compact, wear-resistant machine and a very efficient decomposition without heat generation and with a minimal proportion of flour.

MAFA Hammer Mill

Provides an efficient milling of different types of material with low energy consumption. Combinations of motors, hammers, sieves and mill housings together give the desired result and capacity. Equipment for negative pressure milling that creates a dust-free environment can be offered.

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MAFA Hammer Mill – Agriculture

Brake plates in mill housing

Different motor options                

MAFA Unit double

MAFA Unit.

MAFA Hammer Mill – Industry

MAFA EU 5000

MAFA EU 7500

MAFA EU 2000 Unit

Hammer Mill EUB 4000    

Hammer Mill EUB 600

Hammer Mill EUB 4000 UNIT

Hammar Mill EUB 8000

Hammer Mill EUB 6000 UNIT    

Hammer Mill EUB 8000 UNIT      

Hammer Mill EUBL 1000 UNIT    

Hammar Mill EUBL 1250 UNIT


Granulator HTS 250

Industry Granulator HTS 600

Industry Granulator HTS 800

Industry Granulator HTG 250

Industry Granulator HTG 600

Industry Granulator HTG 800

Industry Granulator HTG 800_1250

Industry Granulator Type 300

Industry Granulator Type 600