In the mid-1950s, Swedish agriculture changed rapidly. Agricultural machinery, fertilizers, cultivation methods were developed, and agriculture grew in a fast pace. Feed handling was also rationalized and adapted to large-scale operations. From the farmers handling the animals’ feed in bags, they switched to storing feed in silos.

MAFA built its first silos in the late fifties and developed a feed mixer so that you could produce your own feed at farm level. There and then began the journey towards the international company that MAFA is today. MAFA is still family owned, today by Mats Andersson who has been the owner since 1978.

MAFA today

MAFA contributes to many sectors through its silo solutions.

We have extensive experience in silo manufacturing and material handling of bulk goods, such as storage of feed, wood pellets and plastic granules. We also offer unique solutions, tailored for you as a customer.

We use the production technology and our competent staff can do everything from a series-produced silos, to tailor-made systems in the market areas of agriculture, industry and bioenergy.

MAFA is today the market leader in Sweden and more than 50% of the production is exported. Today, we are a supplier of both individual parts and complete system solutions with everything from design to assembly.

We manufacture most products in our own factory in Ängelholm, Skåne.