JH miniStrø COMBI

JH miniStrø COMBI

Fully automatic bedding and feeding (organic chickens)

With JH miniStrø COMBI you can achieve better animal health with less manual labour.

Suitable for free range hens. Materials that can be used are: chopped straw, sawdust, silage, concentrates, pelleted feed, grains, seashells.

The system can in many cases be installed in existing stables without the need for extra reinforcement of trusses and roofs. With the help of the computer and the connected remote control, the user can program the machine to automatically spread / dose material from 1 – 5 m in width to 9 different paths 8 times a day.


● The system requires little space
● Adjustable spreader width 1 – 5 m
● Propulsion 2 – 30 m / min. Battery operation 24 V
● Minimal maintenance
● Labor saving
● 9 different courses start automatically up to 8 times a day
● Total weight only about 100 kg
● Dimensions 1950 mm x 750 mm x 650 mm